Watch Reddit directly inside VLC Media Player

vlc.tv allows you to watch the videos posted on Reddit like a TV channel directly inside your VLC or SMPlayer video players. For example, you can leave it playing like a TV on a seperate screen and the videos will always be interesting as they are those that upvoted the most by Redditors. 

How does it work?

vlc.tv.com generates a xspf playlist of URLs, which is a playlist format read by VLC.  
You can click on it and then open the xspf file with VLC, or using the VLC browser plugin if you have, although that defeats the purpose
You can also do Ctrl+N and paste the url of the playlist

The videos hosts compatible so far are Youtube, Streamable, Gfycat, and Imgur gifv/webm (not gif though).

Featured :     anormaldayinrussia    youtubehaiku    funny    Music    videos    The_Donald    gaming    movies    aww    woahdude    interestingasfuck    Damnthatsinteresting    television                                   

Biggest subs (>100K subscribers):                            

Don't forget you can skip to the next video!
To refresh the playlist, pressing Play will not do, you need to re-click on the link here, or CTRL+N again and then Play

Do you use this website? I would love to hear some feedback or suggestions, please post a comment on /r/vlctv



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