Save Money, by Using These Most Affordable Streaming Services

cheapst streaming services

In today’s economy with virtually everything going up in costs, we need to find ways to cut back on some of our expenses, without sacrificing our entertainment of course. If you are a cord cutter (meaning, no cable bills), then you are already saving a bunch of cash.

But, what if you can even find more savings in the ways you already consume your digital content. No two streaming services are same, let’s dig deeper to find some cheaper price options amongst them.

Most affordable streaming services in the US

Simply put, the cheapest streaming services in the US are Hulu, Sling, and Philo. Sure both Netflix and Amazon offer some discount packages but you may have to suffer some major drawbacks from both services. Below we give you some other streaming options that give offers you quality original content and even 4k and HDR in some cases.

Hulu is the cheapest of the three and offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for just $5.99/month.

Sling also provides a variety of content for just $30/month and offers the ability to add more channels for an additional fee.

Philo is the most budget-friendly option of the three, coming in at just $20/month for over 60 channels.

All three streaming services offer ad-supported versions of their plans, allowing customers to save even more by watching ads during their shows.