The Mysterious Young Person That Changed Pop Music Forever

Young man saved Michael Jackson
Young man saved Michael Jackson

In a twist of fate fit for a Hollywood movie, the life of Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop, was saved by a mysterious young person on a bicycle. No has ever come forward with the name of mysterious stranger whom Michael himself never met again.

This extraordinary event, detailed in Jackson’s autobiography, Moonwalk, not only preserved the life of a music legend but also the future of pop music as we know it.

The Fateful Encounter that Saved the King of Pop’s Life

Creating the single “Billie Jean” nearly cost Michael Jackson his life!

The Incident: Before the era of Thriller, the best-selling album of all time, Michael Jackson encountered a life-threatening situation. As he and Nelson Hayes, a collaborator at the time, drove down the Ventura Freeway, engrossed in the creation of the iconic song ‘Billie Jean’, they were oblivious to the imminent danger they were in.

The Rescue: In a serendipitous moment, a young person on a bicycle flagged down the car, alerting Jackson to the fire that had broken out. This quick-thinking and timely intervention by a lone young cyclist averted what could have been a tragic event.

The Impact of That Moment

The importance of the single and accompanying video can’t be understated for future artists in pop music. The video itself birth the “enhanced” modern choreographed feature length video format we’ve all gotten used to seeing since.

  1. Preservation of a Legend: Had the young cyclist not intervened, the world might have lost Michael Jackson prematurely. This would have meant no ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’, ‘History’, or ‘Invincible’ albums – a catastrophic loss for the music industry.
  2. Influence on Music and Culture: Jackson’s continued influence led to revolutionary changes in music and music videos. His unique style and groundbreaking approach transformed the landscape of pop music, setting new standards and inspiring generations of artists.
  3. A Ripple in Time: The survival of Michael Jackson meant more than just the continuation of a stellar career; it was a pivotal point in cultural history. His music, style, and vision continued to shape the entertainment world in ways that would have been impossible had that fateful day turned tragic.
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The Mystery of the Young Hero

The Unsung Hero: The identity of the young person who saved Jackson remains a mystery. This individual disappeared as quickly as they appeared, leaving behind a legacy as intriguing as any of Jackson’s own songs.

Speculation and Lore: This incident has since become a part of the lore surrounding Michael Jackson’s life, sparking curiosity and speculation among fans and historians alike.


The incident detailed in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk is a stark reminder of how fragile life can be and how the actions of one person, however small they may seem, can have monumental impacts. It’s a story that not only adds to the mystique of Michael Jackson’s life but also celebrates the unsung heroes whose small acts of courage can save lives and, indirectly, shape history.