Watching movies in 4K quality can be a great experience, but it can also be awful if you don’t have the right hardware. If you are trying to watch a movie on an older computer with slow hardware, you may find that the video plays choppily or lags behind the audio. Don’t j...



  • Tom Cruise does stunts someone half his age would be ill-equipped do. If want to see one of the latest stunts Cruise will attempt check out the clip below. If you don’t want see what makes the magic of a Mission: Impossible work then wait for it’s July 2023.

  • Miles Morales swings into action once again as he takes up the mantle of Brooklyn’s Spider-Man for another, exciting installment in this franchise. Miles is now getting used to the fact that having awesome power comes awesome responsibilites. And being a hero is no easy feat: Miles d

  • Is it possible to stream content from an Amazon Fire Stick to the VLC Player? With the appropriate setup, you can easily stream video and audio from your Fire Stick to your laptop or desktop computer running the VLC Player. Here’s how to get started. That’s it! With this setup, you can

  • As the Nixon presidency faced potential catastrophe, two underground political operatives – E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy- were determined to protect its legacy at all costs…only for their mission of preservation to become a major source of destruction instead! White House Plu