Watch Sci-fi Short, “Monju Hunters of Sofugan Island”, from Dust

Monju Hunters of Sofugan Island -Dust
“Monju Hunters of Sofugan Island”, from Dust.

The creators from Dust releases another thought provoking sci-fi short film, Monju Hunters of Sofugan Island. Dust provides the following synopsis of the film…

In a desolate time, we visit “Sofugan Island”, an Island that was once famous for providing the mainland with the valuable meat of colossal mutated whales, known as “Monjus”. Overpopulated and for long times unsupervised it was home to a wild mix of the infamous “Monju Hunters”, merchants, craftsmen, junk dealers, political persecuted, criminals and adventurers. Our protagonist, an old and experienced hunter who spend his whole life here, tells us about his past. He lets us accompany him through his day and gives us an understanding of the life in this extremophilic society.

From Dust