The Vision Pro VR Doesn’t Support These 4 Massive Apps

Why would Apple not support these very popular app at launch?

Apple Vision Pro with battery
Apple Vision Pro with battery

Apple’s latest gadget marvel, the Vision Pro VR headset, is like the cool new kid on the tech block that everyone wants to hang out with. This device isn’t just another piece of hardware; it’s a ticket to the virtual world we’ve been dreaming about, thanks to the geniuses behind the iMac, iTunes, and iPhone.

On launch day, the Vision Pro will natively support a whopping 600 apps, with around 2 million other iOS/iPadOS apps from the App Store ready to play ball in a compatible mode.

Yet, in a plot twist worthy of a soap opera, there are four big-name apps that have left us on “read”: YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, and Spotify. Let’s dive into this digital drama with a mix of humor and hard facts.

1. YouTube – The Land of Endless Videos

Imagine stepping into a virtual world where you can’t watch a cat playing the piano or learn how to fix your leaky faucet in immersive 3D. That’s the current reality with the Vision Pro. YouTube, the internet’s go-to for video content, isn’t optimized for this VR masterpiece. Sure, you can still watch videos in a quaint little window on visionOS, but where’s the fun in that?

2. Netflix – The Binge-Watcher’s Paradise

Next up, Netflix, a.k.a. the reason many of us are sleep-deprived. This streaming giant has also not made the leap to the Vision Pro. The thought of not being able to watch “Stranger Things” or “The Crown” in a fully immersive VR environment is almost as heartbreaking as when your favorite character gets written off the show.

3. TikTok – The Endless Scroll

Ah, TikTok, the app that has us all pretending we can dance. This powerhouse of viral content and dance challenges is also MIA on the Vision Pro. The absence of TikTok means no immersive VR experience of people accidentally walking into walls while attempting the latest trend.

4. Spotify – The Music Haven

Lastly, we have Spotify, the soundtrack of our lives. As of launch, you won’t be able to explore new worlds while your favorite playlist sets the mood in the background. This might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but for those of us who need a constant music fix, it’s a bit of a bummer.

The Silver Lining

Despite these notable absences, the Apple Vision Pro is still a technological marvel, promising to bring the virtual world into our living rooms like never before. With 600 native apps and compatibility with around 2 million others, there’s plenty to explore and experience. The future updates might just bridge the gap between the Vision Pro and these four major apps, turning this minor hiccup into a forgotten footnote in VR history.

So, while we wait for updates, let’s enjoy the plethora of apps that are joining the party and keep our fingers crossed that YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, and Spotify will soon RSVP ‘Yes’ to the invitation. After all, a party is always better when all your friends show up.